5 Minutes to Save the Earth

Latest Episode: Season two


Occupy was a largely spontaneous peaceful movement that took the world by storm—before being violently crushed by authorities. That movement was criticized for failure to make a demand. Our budding movement to save the Earth from human-created climate collapse, has a demand. Our demand is to establish and empower an emergency worldwide program, led by climate scientists, to end fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet. We need YOU to spread this message, make it ubiquitous. We need to force a new conversation, and force change—through the steady unrelenting application moral force. WeAreSaners.org


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An inspiring podcast to unite you with a budding worldwide movement to stabilize the climate and protect the next generation.

AT LEAST ONE BILLION PEOPLE—one out of eight on Earth—are deeply concerned about the climate crisis. Alarmed by the urgent warnings of 15,000+ scientists, most of these people feel fearful, discouraged and alone. If you are one of these caring, sane and (understandably) worried people, here’s your chance to make your mark and protect future generations. Listen in and, dedicating as little as a few minutes a week, unite with others to block ecocide and build a better world.

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