5 Minutes to Save the Earth

Latest Episode: Season Five

When Human Law and Natural Laws Conflict, Nature Always Wins

The authorities around the world, both in government and business, want the impossible. In fact they demand it. They want continued growth, continued and even expanded exploitation of both people and the Earth, as resources to increase their own personal wealth and power. Nature will not and cannot comply. Nature is finite and after many decades of abuse, of receiving gigatons of excessive CO2 and toxins of every sort, Nature is changing and becoming hostile to humans. This civilization is dooming itself. WE, the sane and caring people of Earth, must prepare to take charge and save this sinking climate for our children and for the future of our entire world.

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An inspiring podcast to unite you with a budding worldwide movement to stabilize the climate and protect the next generation.

AT LEAST ONE BILLION PEOPLE—one out of eight on Earth—are deeply concerned about the climate crisis. Alarmed by the urgent warnings of 15,000+ scientists, most of these people feel fearful, discouraged and alone. If you are one of these caring, sane and (understandably) worried people, here’s your chance to make your mark and protect future generations. Listen in and, dedicating as little as a few minutes a week, unite with others to block ecocide and build a better world.

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